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Across God’s own country - across the land of finest coconuts
across waters that yield the best of them - come the best coconut products in the world.

The Coconut Expert

KLF has been assiduously building its expertise on everything that is Coconut. In fact, KLF is possibly the only organization in the world which has a specialty product extracted from every stage of the Coconut to promote health & wellness.

Coconut Oil

Nectar / sap

  • Virgin
  • Coconad
  • Coconad

Value added

Coconut Syrup

Coconut Sugar

Tender Coconut Water

Coconut Sugar

Tender Coconut Water

Sourcing Coconuts – The expert way

  • Direct Sourcing

    Fine quality coconuts are procured from the farmers directly, eliminating middlemen to ensure maximum value to the farmers who spend a lifetime in what they do. This is why; most of the farmers are dedicated to supplying quality.

  • Quality Checked

    Coconuts are handpicked and are checked for quality. They are sorted manually, where they are distinguished by moisture content and other finer parameters that are inculcated by the quality checkers over generations. Only the finest quality coconuts are used for oil extraction.

  • Drying Yard

    Carefully sourced Coconuts are sorted, graded and prepared for processing. Based on the product requirement, the next stage of processing is undertaken.

  • Processing

    This is where the Oil is extracted from Coconuts. The type of Coconut will decide the kind of process it is put through for oil extraction.


KLF has oil extraction facilities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The oil extraction facility in Tamil Nadu has an installed capacity of 600 MT per month spread across ten acres. This facility is ISO 22000 and ISO 14000 certified. This plant is equipped with HACCP, BRC & USDA organic certifications. Today, KLF uses its own indigenously developed technology, Vaccumized Steam Injected Cooking Technology (VSIC), to extract pure coconut oil, from dried copra. Apart from this, KLF also uses Cold Press Technology, to extract Virgin Coconut Oil from fresh Coconuts.


Handpicked Coconuts

  • Handpicked coconuts are sun-dried in hygienic copra drying yards to retain its natural richness, flavors and nutritional value.
  • Coconuts with the least moisture content are cleansed thoroughly and cut using a copra cutter.
  • The smaller parts of the copra are fed into steam jacketed kettles and are mildly cooked using KLF’s patented technology of Vaccumized Steam Injected Cooking Technology (VSIC).

VSIC Technology

VSIC Technology is a unique method of processing coconut oil that results in lower moisture content, less chances of the oil becoming stale or rancid and increased shelf life. Reduced moisture content allows the oil to heat up faster while minimizing the absorption of it in the food that is being prepared. VSIC Technology also ensures uniform cooking of food items, which in turn enhances palatability.

The Extraction Process

The Steam Injected Copra then goes into the expeller and the oil is extracted.

The Filtration Process

The extracted oil passes through a four stage filtration process to ensure that the end product is impeccable and crystal clear. At KLF there is no Refining, Bleaching or Deodorising done to the extracted oil. It is 100% pure and natural.


Handpicked Coconuts

Fresh coconuts are handpicked and manually quality checked to make the best of virgin coconut oil.

Dehusking & Grating:

  • These carefully chosen coconuts are de-husked manually.
  • They are then cut and grated, making them ready for oil extraction.
  • The manufacturing process of virgin coconut oil operates with the least human intervention (no use of bare hands); KLF has an ultra-modern automated process for producing virgin coconut oil.

Cold Press Technology

  • KLF uses an array of cold pressing machines placed in the most hygienic environment to ensure consistency in the quality of oil produced. Grated coconuts are fed into the conveyor to produce fresh virgin coconut oil.
  • Virgin coconut oil is extracted keeping the temperature during the process below 50 degrees, retaining all its nutritional values intact.
  • A lot of care is given to ensure that fresh coconuts are properly cold pressed and are not exposed to any kind of heat or sunlight, throughout the process.

KLF’s Quality You can Trust

KLF’s reach to the international markets has been possible because of the unwavering quality that its founder instilled in the process. The future generations of leaders and workers in the company have not wavered from these impeccable standards set then
KLF also believes that the Quality is not just in how good the end product is but it starts from KLF, it is in how consistently and properly the coconuts are sourced, manufactured and then reached to the consumers.


KLF’s commitment to ‘quality’ covers every aspect of production from procurement to processing to packaging. But, the most important and critical component of this is the constant need to improve.

Research and Development is an important aspect that KLF invests in to deliver, quality and tamper free products to consumers. KLF has a never ending urge to not just grow as a company, but become a lifetime health and wellness partner to the Consumer.


KLF Nirmal Industries has HACCP Certification and has also received the “Best Exporter Award” from the Government of India.

packaging as good as the products inside

KLF products are available in convenient consumer packaging in different materials, quantities and for varied usage styles. Hi-tech packing machines ensure leak-proof, tamper-proof packaging that helps retain the aroma and flavour of the products, while increasing their shelf life. Installed in a specially designed hygienic environment, these machines ensure ‘zero contamination’ for the entire product range.