Nirmal Naturals
Pure Coconut Hair Oil
for Great Hair

Consistent, Pure and Clear

Nirmal Naturals Pure Coconut Hair Oil delivers the wholesome goodness of coconut oil for hair care.

Enriched Hair Growth

Nirmal Naturals Pure Coconut Hair Oil stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the hair follicles. It moisturizes and protects hair from protein loss while wet and protects hair from environmental damages caused due to wind, smoke or sun - thus promoting effective hair growth!

Bringing Back Life to Dead Hair

Lifeless hair is common these days with the kind of pollution and stress that is all around us in our daily life. A good head massage with coconut oil is the best remedy to relieve stress, to feel relaxed and rejuvenated as well as to nourish hair. This helps replenish lost proteins and minerals in the hair follicles, bringing it back to life!

A Natural Conditioner

Use of heat and chemicals on hair can cause big damage to your hair. Coconut oil has Laurics, proteins and other vitamins that conditions hair naturally by penetrating deep into the follicles to keep hair healthy & shiny.


Dandruff is caused due to overgrowth of bacteria, yeast or fungus on the scalp. Antimicrobial properties in coconut oil kill these bacteria and fungus that cause such itchy and flaky scalp and keep hair free of dandruff.

Split ends

Split ends are caused due to dryness, over brushing and tangled hair. Not trimming hair at regular intervals can also cause split ends. Massaging hair with coconut oil can help repair damages caused due to split ends and control it from recurring.

Sun Damage

Just like skin, hair needs a sun screen too! Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 8 and UV filters. This helps protect hair from dryness, irritations and further damage.