The legend lives on

This is the story of a visionary businessman;  Of coconut trees, of commitment and consistency - a story seventy-five years old.

K. L. Francis, a man with impeccable wisdom, exemplary business ideas and far reaching foresight founded KLF Nirmal Industries, one of the leading coconut oil brands in the country. Right from his younger days, he was social and amicable in nature and contributed immensely to uplift his hometown back in Kerala.

He served as the President of The Coconut Oil Millers Cooperative Society, established in the year 1961, which was instrumental in many changes in the field of coconut oil milling. This also included setting up of KSEL (Kerala Solvent Extractions Limited), a Public Limited Company with K. L. Francis as its Founder Managing Director in the year 1963. KSEL used Solvent Extraction Method to extract residue oil from coconut cakes. It is a company listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange, with a current revenue of over Rs. 1000 crores annually. This phase was indeed revolutionary in KLFs journey towards scaling newer heights in the years to come.

K. L. Francis pioneered the practice of procuring fresh coconuts from farmers of Kerala and extracting oil from it. Not just that, he is also the founding father of Coconut Oil extraction through expeller technology. This helped increase production capacity exponentially. Very soon, almost all other millers in the region started adopting this 'expeller extraction technology', making Thrissur the Coconut Oil Capital of India.

KLF Nirmal Industries was born out of his vision - of creating a land that dwelled in everything 'coconut', to have the best of coconut oil and more!

He was rooted and very down to earth - two qualities very important for a successful entrepreneur. He was patient and humble – a key reason for the success of his venture. He was holistically involved in his dream project, KLF Nirmal Industries, its success being proof of his undeterred commitment.

The story did not end in 1999 when the company lost its father. By then, KLF became a brand many people were familiar with, not only in Kerala but across India.

This is the story of K. L. Francis, the man behind KLF Nirmal Industries, the man who put his foot down for what he believed in, the man who began the story of a coconut!

The legend lives on